The 10 Coolest Future Scenarios That'll Have You Yelling 'Beam Me Up, Scotty!'

futures stories scenario planning May 26, 2023
In the realm of possibility, the future is looking brighter, bolder, and a whole lot quirkier! Buckle up as I take you on a wild ride through 10 mind-boggling future scenarios that are so cool, they'll have you questioning if we're still in 2021!

1. Innercity Eco-Paradise


London 2121, by Alan Marshal, in The Conversation
London's city heart is now a sprawling eco-village, where dreary offices have been turned into cozy homes and grimy street corners have sprouted into lush gardens. Everyone's trading eco-friendly goods like it's the new Wall Street, and the children are getting free education from the wise old trees... I mean, elders.
Peep the image link to check out more futuristic cities!

2. The Perfect Tech-Nature Balance

Imaginary Ecosystem, by Daniel Clarke, in SolarPunk Magazine
In the world of Solarpunk, technology is your friend, not your boss. They're all about using tech to save Mother Nature rather than turning her into a sci-fi horror movie.
SolarPunk Magazine: your go-to for techno-future scenarios. Click the image link and sign up for their newsletter if you fancy regular doses of future tech.

3. Life Among the Stars, but Not on a Planet

An O'Neill Colony, by Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin, in Newsweek
Amazon's top dog, Jeff Bezos, has grand plans of setting up shop on the moon - permanently. He's channelling his inner G.K. O'Neill to create self-sustaining space environments that could be our next cosmic neighborhood.
Anyone know the property rates on the moon these days? 🤔

4. Cars that Suck

Inventor's Car, by Kawiphat Thonthaisong (Thailand / Age 7), in Toyota's Dream Car Competition
This kiddo designed a car that sucks up garbage and spits useful products. It's like a mobile recycling plant! And the best part? The recycled goodies will be donated to those who need them.
See how fun and inspiring it is to have kids think with you?

5. Woven City, Utopian Test Site

Woven City, by Toyota, in Woven-city.global
Toyota's cooking up a prototype city where they can test and perfect new ways of getting around. In Woven City, mobility is more than moving from A to B; it's about moving forward as a society.
Follow the image link for a video of the present-day Woven.

6. Workplace Wonderland

Workplace, by Gensler
Imagine a workplace where the bottom line isn't profit but purpose. Here, it's all about you and your mission and how we can all work together to achieve greatness.
Click the image link for an infographic that makes it all clear.

7. Coastal Cities

Oceanix City, by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)
Oceanix is a prototype of a coastal city, a resilient and sustainable solution for rising sea levels.
As a Dutch person living 4 meters below sea level, this is my kind of utopia!

8. The Future, Now in 3D!

TECLA, by Mario Cucinella & WASP, on parametrichouse.com
Fancy living in a house that you can print yourself? Made from reusable, biodegradable materials, these houses are comfy, affordable, and sturdy enough to withstand earthquakes.
Where do I sign up?

9. Breathable Buildings

Breathing Building, by Doris Kim Sung, in Materialdistrict
Roofs and facades are made from translucent bimetals that move in response to nature. They provide shadow and cool air when it's hot and keep the heat in when it's cold. If you'd do that in a city, its street temperature would fall by a couple of degrees (no heat exhaust from air conditioners anymore).
Quite the opposite from my house 😉

10. It's What Your Car Can Do For You

Concept car, by Haval, on YouTube
If you've ever wished your car had more than four wheels and an engine, you'll be pleased to hear that some envision a car that can drive itself, play games with the kids in the back seat, and do your groceries while you video-chat with your loved ones. All at the same time!
Who knows, this might be your next ride!


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