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Scenario Planning Sprint

Six Steps to Robust and Actionable Scenarios

Unveil the future of your business in this hands-on Scenario Planning Sprint Course. Equip yourself with the power to identify key stakeholders, evaluate competitive positioning, and assess changes in your business environment. Learn to use robust frameworks like PESTLE for an in-depth analysis of market trends.

Key Components:

  1. PESTLE analysis: Systematically evaluate the external forces shaping your business, from politics to the environment.
  2. TREND extrapolation: Taking the trends you see into the future.
  3. CLUSTERING trends: Grouping trends to keep most information in the scenario matrix.
  4. SCENARIO matrix: Building the matrix with the most important trend clusters.
  5. STAKEHOLDER analysis: Checking how current stakeholders are likely to behave in future scenarios.
  6. STRATEGIC action: Developing strategic actions based on all four scenarios.

Each step is designed to feed into the next, creating a comprehensive outlook grounded in data, trends, and actionable strategies.

By the end of the sprint, you'll be able to translate abstract visions and scenarios into tangible action plans, ready to be implemented.