Reviews & Evaluations

Participants evaluate every edition of the Masterclass and the Training. These are their grades and comments (per edition, not per person).

Broaden Sources

Excellent explanations, lots of information, and showed me how to expand my sources and sounding boards.

Online Training, April 2024

Shaping Strategy

Lots of tools to start shaping strategy with foresight. Super actual!

Masterclass, March 2024

Clear and Engaging

Clear explanations, engaging style, accessible, and easy to understand.

Masterclass, June 2023

Challenge to Think

Compliments for the way you challenge us to think, and how you convey knowledge.

Masterclass, April 2023

Clear Link To Practice

Good structure, good balance, and good connections to the individual practice of all the participants.

Online training, April 2022


A nice person, knowledgeable, and with an understanding of group and individual needs.

Masterclass, April 2023


Clear, understandable, and lots of points to turn into practice.

Masterclass, May 2023


A good presenter and easy to listen to, even with that many models.

Online training, March 2021

Initiate Transformation

Barbara's framework is easy to understand and gives new angles to initiate transformation.

Masterclass, November 2022

Time for Questions

Surprising insights, ample opportunities for questions, inspiring lady.

Masterclass, March 2022


Got good triggers to view change differently.

Masterclass, May 2021


Down to earth, with a cohesive story. Highly energetic.

Masterclass, April 2021

Shaping the Future

I've gained new ideas to shape and manage the future.

Masterclass, October 2020

Dealing with Change

To lead is to see ahead. Practical ideas to deal with change.

Online Training, October 2020