Foresight Masterclass

60 to120 Minutes of Foresight Essentials in an Interactive, Lively, and Positive Format to Help (Aspiring) Executives Deal with Strategic Uncertainties

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Barbara is one of the few futurists worldwide who has earned a Ph.D. on managerial blind spots and has 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience in the real world.

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Engaging and Interactive

Barbara gives you plenty of opportunities to ask questions and share your thoughts. 

In 2022, Barbara got certified by Harvard's Bok Center for Higher Education with a 9.4 (out of 10) grade average.

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Actionable Insights

You'll leave with actionable insights, practical tools, and a clear understanding of how to implement the concepts you've learned.

Nyenrode executive students rate Barbara's masterclasses with 4,5 out 5 stars every time she teaches there (since 2016).

Futurist Barbara

Masterclass Learning Goals

Participants will be able to:

  • Explain why weak signal scanning should be a systematic organizational task.
  • Argue the benefits of foresight to motivate employees towards innovative, learning behavior.
  • Practice scanning, Future Thinking, and other foresight methods.
  • Assemble their sounding board to improve foresight accuracy.


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