"If Only We Had Known, We Would/Could Have Done Differently"

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In 4 hours from clueless to foresight mastery: Know where to find information on the future and how to use it

Why Worry About the Future?

In today's fast-paced world, staying ahead means anticipating changes before they happen. Many executives, however, aren't aware of the shifts that could disrupt their organization's future. 

My masterclass introduces the concept of 'weak signals'‚ÄĒsubtle hints that indicate major upcoming changes. These are crucial for those who have yet to consider their strategic importance.¬†

Feel Like You're Missing Opportunities?

You know change is constant, but how do you pinpoint where and when a specific change will happen?

History is rife with examples of missed opportunities due to a lack of insight into changes in consumer needs.

Learn to identify weak signals, the overlooked indicators that let you anticipate significant shifts in your industry.

There Are Ways to Capture These Signals

Are you aware of the need to detect early signs but unsure how? This masterclass will teach you the techniques to detect and decipher these signals effectively using innovative methods tailored to any business size.

In a world flooded with data, the power to detect and interpret weak signals can be the difference between leading the market and being left behind. Weak signals are subtle and ambiguous. Yet, they hold the potential to reveal seismic shifts in consumer behavior, technology trends, and competitive landscapes.

If you see them first, you have bought your organization time. The time to decode the signals and pilot-test possible new solutions that arise from them.

You'll double the advantage because your competitor will catch on much later, have less time to test, and be more likely to make costly mistakes.

Don't be the next Kodak (who dismissed the weak signals of digital photography). Be the next disruptor (Apple's iPhone with camera) instead!

Why Choose This Masterclass?

Unlike other courses, our masterclass combines insights from a Ph.D. in managerial blind spots with over 20 years of real-world entrepreneurial experience. We focus on interactive learning, where diverse viewpoints merge to create a clearer vision of the future.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Join us to transform foresight into actionable strategies. Gain confidence in your decisions with our comprehensive approach that includes scanning, sense-making, and strategic application. Sign up now to secure your place and lead your organization confidently into the future.

Plan Your Masterclass

4-Hours to Insight

The Masterclass consists of three 45-minute parts, with two 20-minute breaks in between.

Online, But Fun

Count on active participation: share your questions and get involved in small working groups.

Executive Fit

The Masterclass is tried and proven: hundreds of mid-career executives enjoyed it already.


The Masterclass is filled to the brim with tips and insights that fit any industry or organization.

Plan Your Masterclass

Not just another dull presentation, this masterclass is a 4-hour rollercoaster of surprises and ahas. Get ready for an eye-opening experience packed with relevant cases, factual data, and actionable insights.


Investment for Your Future

For ‚ā¨ 2.450,- (excluding VAT), you'll gain the insights that could define the success of your organization in the coming years. Because the future waits for no one ;)


What You'll Learn

What You'll Learn


When you leave the masterclass, you can:

  • Explain¬†insights into weak signal scanning and how¬†to embed it in your organization, regardless of its size.
  • Implement new¬†avenues to motivate peers towards innovative and learning behavior.

  • Hunt for weak signals detect and interpret them.

  • Develop proactive¬†solutions to improve your foresight accuracy.

  • Relish in the unshakable confidence in the next steps for your organization.



  • In-company or¬†for your audience/network.
  • Three lessons with short breaks in between.
  • Live online instruction.
  • The minimum number of participants is 12, and the maximum is 30.



Hear it From the Expert

I have Ph.D. on managerial blind spots and can combine the insight with 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience in the real world.

I know where to look and what to look for.

Lively and Interactive

I believe that the future is a construct, not a fact, and that the best constructs are, well, constructed together.

That's why we will discuss and probe together and learn from each other instead of me lecturing you.


It's funny how we are attuned to the present. We're very good at making sense of what is happening now and how our organizations must respond.

So good in fact, that looking beyond the present feels counterintuitive.

Be prepared for opposite thinking!

Certified by the Best

In 2022, I got certified by Harvard's Bok Center for Higher Education with a 9.4 (out of 10) grade average.

The Case Centre certified me as an online case instructor.

Key Masterclass Components

pestle analysis

Weak Signals

What they are, where to find them, and how to find them and how to embed scanning.

trend extrapolation

Bias Reduction

Why successful managers tend to overlook and misinterpret weak signals and what to do about it.


Scenario Thinking

How to widen your thinking to include multiple possible trajectories and strategies.

What Participants Are Saying

Since 2016, participants have been rating my masterclass with 4.5 stars out of 5. Thanks everyone :)

"Good structure and a good connection with each individual's personal practice."

"A fresh perspective and view on matters; you then approach things in a different way."

"I can easily relate to the pointers from Barbara, and they give me new perspectives for approaching change initiatives."

"Top class!"

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