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Make strategic decisions with less effort ● faster ● more accurate

There is no such thing as the perfect decision. However, exercising your 20/20 vision muscle is essential to improve decision quality.

Join me for my quick & easy action-packed Decision Tuning Essentials class where I've taught hundreds of managers how to...

  •  Instantly find the RIGHT information you did not even know you needed and be one of the best informed in their industry
  •  Profit from your team's diverse thinking EVERY TIME you discuss a strategic decision
  •  Pick the best option from all available strategies and be CONFIDENT about your decision
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So nice to meet you here.

I'm futurist Barbara...

After 20 years in the boardrooms of mid-sized organization, earning my Ph.D. in managerial foresight and generally being decision obsessed since I could argue, my passion is now teaching peers how to make the BEST decision.


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I find it so rewarding to inspire managers to confidently decide so they can guide their organization through change. It's so cool!

Live long & prosper ;)


About Barbara

Deciding Confidently...

is like the thrust of a powerful engine:

A swift move forward, straight into long-term profitability.

Your brain needs ten seconds to make a decision. But the entire decision process, from sensing a change to that final choice, can take from a month to a year

When your organization's environment is volatile, having a fast and accurate decision process is a crucial competitive advantage.

It only takes one decision to rev up your organization's process from OK to GREAT.

No more struggling ending in a leap of faith that keeps you up at night. It's time to take the error out of your decision process!

Tune your decision-making and develop your organization's best version!

About Decision Tuning
Make strategic decisions with less effort ● faster ● more accurate