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Done For You Horizon Scan

Underpin strategic choices with insight into the system of developments that will impact your organization's trajectory in the coming years.

Are you ready to anticipate emerging trends, seize new opportunities, and navigate potential disruptions before they even happen? I offer a comprehensive horizon scan service that empowers managers and organizations to make informed decisions and make the most of change.


Why Horizon Scanning Matters

In a rapidly changing world, staying ahead is no longer a luxury; it's a necessity. A horizon scan enables you to:

  • Identify trends and developments that are likely to impact your industry or organization.

  • Proactively plan for challenges and opportunities on the horizon.

  • Make strategic decisions based on knowledge-driven insights.

  • Enhance risk management strategies for a more resilient future.

Cutting Edge Analysis

The analysis is based on decades of academic research into innovation diffusion and foresight. It explores 14 factors that were proven to influence the adoption of innovation.


For Delft University of Technology, I researched the complex future of quantum encryption in case of a quantum hack. I looked into 14 factors influencing the development of encryption and how these factors were likely to play out in different scenarios. I combined the information with a scan of current use cases of possible solutions to a quantum hack. The result led to strategic trajectories that are shaping the quantum ecosystem as we speak.


The Cause-Effect Factor Chart (deliberately blurred in the picture on the left) is a visual of the blocking and driving forces for direct and indirect influences on the future trajectory of quantum technologies.

Such an overview at-a-glance will help you see new patterns, opportunities, and strategies you otherwise will miss.

Hear it From the Expert

I am one of the few futurists worldwide who has earned a Ph.D. on managerial blind spots and can combine the insight with 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience in the real world.

I know where to look and what to look for.

Fast, In-Depth, and Goal Oriented

Clients consistently praise me for my fast, in-depth, and goal-oriented analysis. I always deliver on time and exceed expectations, providing insights that are not only relevant but also highly actionable.

Sound, free sources

I will find the latest insights from sources like academic journals and papers, reports of financial, governmental, and research institutions, and the latest news clippings.

Links to all sources are included.

Key Horizon Scan Components

1. Scope

You brief me on the scope of the horizon scan, including the timeframe you're looking ahead to (e.g., 5 years, 10 years) and the specifics of your organization, purpose or technology you want me to focus on.

2. Search

I collect relevant information from news articles, reports, research papers, expert opinions, social media trends, and industry publications for 14 influencing factors.

3. Map

I map the information in a visual called the "Cause-Effect Factor Chart," and write up tentative patterns and strategic questions. I also list the references.

4. Inform

We will go through the map and the pattern and question overlays together. You'll use the insights to inform your strategies and innovations.

"I never realised that there were so many factors and that you can see disruption coming. It's more like a sudden surge in a longer trend, than a shock out of nowhere. It's comforting to know, but also a responsibility now that I know..."

What's Included?

  • A comprehensive, easy-to-read report of findings with strategic implications

  • A complete reference list so you can dive into source materials if you want

  • Clear visual aids such as the cause-effect factor chart and its overlays.

Ready to Start Your Horizon Scan?

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