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Top 50 Scenario Exploration: a Powerful Tool to Navigate Uncertainty

product review scenario planning Jun 16, 2023

Are you familiar with Top 50 Scenario Exploration? If not, you're about to be introduced to a game-changer in the strategy industry. My product, the Top 50 Scenario Exploration, is innovatively designed to help organizations prepare for disruption. It embodies my commitment to foresight, collaborative wisdom, and sound decision-making and aims to significantly enhance your organization's flexibility and resilience.


Understanding Top 50 Scenario Exploration

 So, what exactly is Top 50 Scenario Exploration?

In the simplest terms, it's an online challenge for the top 50 (aspiring) managers of an organization. The challenge trains the top 50 on-the-job to develop superior foresight and strategic decision-making skills. It is specifically engineered to help your top 50:

  • Develop 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication, through interactive online exercises and my personal expert feedback.
  • Identify what external factors could impact your organization's direction and how the factors influence each other. Their vision on what goes on will become much more complex, less uncertain, more accurate, and easier to communicate.
  • Create actionable future scenarios for your sector or industry, based on their own rigorous research and analysis;
  • Evaluate the impact of each scenario on the organization, so that they will know how to manage the organization's strengths and weaknesses for both positive and negative scenarios. 
  • Set a strategic agenda for the mid-term future that will strengthen your organizations' purpose and direct opportunities for innovations of services, products or processes, based on the insights from the scenarios.

It is my belief that through the Top 50 Scenario Exploration, your top 50 will set a development process in motion that will help their teams and external stakeholders to make better collaborative decisions, and so make a better future.


Key Features

What sets Top 50 Scenario Exploration apart? Let's delve into its unique features:

The program consists of four online modules, each lasting around four weeks. The modules are:

  • Scanning the Horizon - Learn how to scan your environment for emerging trends, opportunities and threats, and how to organize and prioritize them.

  • Sense-Making - Learn how to interpret the signals from your scanning, and how to create plausible and relevant scenarios for your organization.

  • Strategy-Making - Learn how to evaluate the impact of each scenario on your goals and actions, and how to develop robust and flexible strategies for each scenario.

  • Action-Taking - Learn how to communicate your scenarios and strategies to your stakeholders, and how to integrate them in your organization.

The program is delivered online, through a combination of live sessions, recorded videos, readings, assignments and peer feedback. You will also have access to a library of resources, tools and templates to support your learning.

The program is led by me personally, a Ph.D. holder in managerial blind spots and a certified educator by Harvard University. You can find more information about the program at futuristbarbara.com/top-50.


My Inspiration

The inception of Top 50 Scenario Exploration was driven by my simple, yet profound desire to help organizations cope with uncertainty and change. I recognized a need for a strategic planning method that could account for multiple possible futures and enable proactive rather than reactive responses. I believed that by leveraging gamification, foresight and collective intelligence, I could effectively fill that gap.


Real-World Success Stories

Don't just take my word for it. Here are some examples of real customers who experienced positive results from the Top 50 Scenario Exploration.

  • A software company used the Top 50 Scenario Exploration to explore the next steps in its growth strategy: organically, take-overs, and key technologies were all subject to the program. It clarified their course of action and direction for growth for the next five years.

  • An undertaker used the exploration to envision the future of funerals and how it could impact their venues, logistics, insurance portfolio and customer service. It looked at virtual futures, back to nature futures and futures in which hyper personalized one-to-one solutions were required. I then knew what to invest in.

  • An insurance company used it to explore its purpose and business models in safer futures where AI would decrease demand, and in more dangerous futures with a sharp divide between the techies and non-techies. The result: an innovation framework and pipeline for the next five years.

  • A high-tech company used the program to develop a plan to get promising new technologies out of the lab and into the global market, including the backing of geo-political and corporate stakeholders.
  • And a database company used the exploration to, well, explore all sorts of futures that would impact its cyber security and network role to develop a strategic agenda for the next ten years.

Would it Work for You?

I believe that the Top 50 Scenario Exploration can transform your organization's future plans. Its unique features make it a powerful tool for strategic foresight and innovation. In any industry or sector, Top 50 Scenario Exploration is designed with your needs in mind.

To find out more about Top 50 Scenario Exploration, please get in touch with me at barbara [at] futuristbarbara.com or visit https://www.futuristbarbara.com/top-50



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