Top 50 Strategy Program

Turn Your Top Team into Tomorrow's Leadership

The Top 50 Strategy Program is a proven successful management development program. It has the format of an online challenge: light on the calendars but heavy on participation.

Teams design the strategic agenda based on latent and emerging customer needs.

Its super side effects are that the participants learn to develop actionable future scenarios, practice their 21st-century skills, and find new ways to keep adding value to the organization.

PDF on the Challenge Format

Are You Looking for Ways to Advance Your Team and:

  • Holding off management development programs because they take too much time and don't deliver tangible results?
  • Angry with yourself because you're letting your best people escape to "new steps in their career" while you taught them well and relied on them?

I know the feeling! I think every executive can recall a woolly yet expensive workshop series with insights that lasted a week at most. We're all under pressure, but if we want to outperform we have to invest in our best.

Fortunately, there is a way to develop the critical thinking and decision-making skills of your top 20 that DOES deliver, WITHOUT taking too much time.

Let me explain: 👇👇👇

The Top 50 Strategy Program Builds Tomorrow's  Leaders

 It's a management development program designed to build 21st-century competencies, practice skills, and show what it means to lead confidently and decide wisely. 

It is designed as an online challenge. This format is especially suited for organizations wanting to bring their top management layers to a higher level, without the hassle of getting everybody in the same room at the same time. The challenge format is also best suited for teams that require varied learning styles and/or want to learn and work at the same time.

The challenge results in researched and tested innovations of your services, products, or brand positioning.

Competencies Built:

Participants will have fortified:

  • Strategic awareness
  • Context-awareness
  • Organizational sensitivity
  • Team-oriented leadership

Skills Acquired:

Participants will have practiced:

  • Problem scoping
  • Managing uncertainty
  • Scanning 2.0
  • Sensemaking
  • Productive conflict
  • Qualified evaluation
  • Networking skills

Tasks Completed:

Participants will be able to:

  • Apply trend analysis, innovation methods, and rapid prototyping techniques.
  • Construct a concept of the possible business futures from multiple sources into an integrated, meaningful, and actionable vision.
  • Demonstrate a readiness to take action by gathering data, sharing insights, and other actions to implement innovation.
  • Create new tasks or objectives incorporating learnings.
  • Judge innovated offerings on feasibility using corporate criteria, substantiated by real-life tests.

All The Online Tools You Need To Learn on the Job

  • The challenge format is based on more than a decade of introducing and facilitating online collaboration, using all kinds of tools.
  • My first online challenge as an instructor took place in 2010, and many have followed since.
  • Its format is based on adult learning principles and enriched by innovation managers, feedback trainers, and, first and foremost: all previous participants.

Through the framework of exercises and rich storytelling content, the top 20 managers take on an exciting and amazing journey into the future. They'll learn new skills and develop an actionable vision that infuses every mind in your company. They’ll make critical thinking a habit, taking the initiative the norm, and reap tested innovations, all in one program.

The program is designed to let managers demonstrate a willingness to participate, show interest by seeking data, actively build on each others’ best skills, and internalize an appreciation for the future-ready company. You'll get tangible feedback on the top 20 executive behaviors.

How to Book the Top 50 Strategy Program

The Top 20 Strategy Program is shaped as an online challenge and will be tailored to your goals, team, and timeframe. So before you book, let's find out what your ideal online challenge looks like.

Please use the form to leave your details and I'll get back to you to discuss the possibilities.

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With a Ready-Made Strategy Room

The Top 50 Strategy Program comes with a resource section filled to the brim with background materials, links to foresight sources, templates, and how-tos. Everything your top 50 needs to hit the ground running.

Online Tools Included

Every step is done online, with the help of online tools like whiteboarding, voting, webinars, surveys and polls, hot-seat coaching in Zoom. Tools are included in the fee for the duration of the program.

30 day money back guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

You'll have the first 30 days of the program to cancel and get your money back. By then, you'll know if the format will deliver, or that it's just not for your team. So, when the 30 days are behind us, there's no going back ;)

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