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Meeting the Future: Canary's Future Customer Overview

future customer overview Jul 18, 2023
  • On the Canary Blog, you’ll find tool reviews, step-by-steps, checklists, how-to’s, and inspirational use cases on futuristic topics. In this future customer overview, you get links to all the posts on how you can develop profiles for your future customers.
  • Future customer profiling is a forward-looking approach to understanding and predicting the wants, needs, behaviors, and preferences of customers in the future. It goes beyond traditional customer profiling, which focuses on current data. It aims to predict how evolving trends, technologies, socio-economic factors, and other variables might shape customer behaviors and preferences.
  • All future customer posts come from my experience, so you’ll get practical, real-world, actionable information that you can adapt to your situation.

How To Create Future Customer Profiles

You can create future customer profiles in 4 Steps.

Resources And Tips

The Nine Sources post shows you where to find information on future customers.

In the Kids post, you’ll discover how kids can help you voice fresh ideas on future demand.

In Caves of Steel, you’ll learn how sci-fi can help you understand emerging needs.

Do It For You

In the Future Customer Profiling Review, you’ll be introduced to a client who asked me to develop profiles of future homeowners for a housing project.

Stay Tuned

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