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Use Cases: Success Stories of Transformational Journeys

overview use case Jul 28, 2023
  • On the Canary Blog you'll find tool reviews, step-by-steps, checklists, how-to's and inspirational case stories. In this post, you'll get links to all the case stories on the blog.
  • Case Stories are about one organization and how it navigated a major change, to show you how your peers have tackled it.
  • All case stories come from my personal experience, so you'll get practical, real-world, working insights in their context, that you can adapt to your situation.


Foresight for Investment ROI

Real Estate | Future Customer Profiling

  • The client planned a 30-year investment and needed information about customer needs in this time period.
  • Find out if this foresight method is for you.


Innovation to Prepare or Respond for Change


Surviving the Battle Against Fierce Competition

HighTech | Power of Timing

  • The SME client faced competition from Big Tech but found ingenious ways to win the battle.
  • Tips to circumvent intense competition that will work in any industry.


 Unlocking Innovation by Breaking Siloed Teams

HighTech | Unlocked Potential

  • The client learned how his organization could profit from the expert work within siloed teams, each working on a specific product-market combination.
  • Inspiration to check your organization for the same opportunity.


Escaping a Negative Price Spiral

Wholesale | Repositioning

  • The client repositioned the organization as the innovative advocate for its customers and moved from just a player to the top 3 in its market.
  • Inspiration to make your innovative positioning visible.


Innovating Away from a Negative Cash Flow

Hospitality | Yield Innovations 

  • The client faced a negative cashflow and did not have the financial power to buy marketshare or launch intensive advertising campaigns, but got away with innovation.
  • Tips to pick and choose the innovation with the highest yield and the lowest cost.


Ways to Spark Engagement for Change & Foresight

The Bus Tour that Changed an Organization

Retail | Instilling Urgency

  • The client used a super easy to organize but intense tool to break top team inertia and spark real change.
  • Tips to make this solution your own.


When Convincing Doesn't Work

Public Sector | Long Term Thinking

  • Answers to a common question of lower-level managers: what can I do to convince our higher levels to pay attention and act on emerging disruption?
  • Tips to change tactics.


Strategy Isn't Created in a Meeting

Energy | Flow

  • The ways you can let strategic discourse bubble up.
  • Inspiration from the super exerienced.


Learnings From Suboptimal Strategies

The Dragon of Digitization

Ten Year Overview | Lean Consequences

  • The client had worked on getting the organization lean, but realized that accelerating digitization in its context required more.
  • Tips to adjust Lean Management for Changing Environments.


The Problem With Strategy Consultants 

Business Services | Demystifying Strategy

  • The client hired an expensive big name from the consulting industry, only to find that his message did not resonate and had minimal effect.
  • Tips to internalize strategy.



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