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The Methodology Map

In the complex web of today's organizational environment, predicting the future seems more challenging than ever. Yet, we can turn uncertainties into opportunities with the right tools and perspectives.

By harnessing the power of weak signal detection and cognitive diversity, we craft visions of the future that are insightful and ethically grounded.

My services are tailored for forward-thinking organizations, especially those who understand that tomorrow's strategies must be flexible, resilient, and responsible. Discover how we can collaboratively pave your path toward a sustainable and prosperous future.

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Let's link your industry and organizational expertise to my foresight and create new opportunities.

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Future Customer Scan

Future customer scans map tomorrow's consumer behaviors and needs.

Use the profiles to cater to the customers during your project's lifetime instead of just today.

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Horizon Scan

Horizon scans map the factors that drive and hinder the innovation's development.

Use the intelligence to formulate a strategy that takes the ecosystem into account instead of just you.

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The masterclass makes you aware of the limits of your go-to information and what you must do instead.

Use the masterclass to learn about scanning for future impacts, not just scramble to manage today's.

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Do It Yourself Foresight Courses