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Break Bias & Blind Spots With Foresight at Work

You know how frustrating it is when foresight is disconnected from day-to-day operations?  When it should be on the agenda because it's getting urgent?

If you hate vague or hypothetical discussions, a lack of action-taking, or forgetting to address pressing issues or current realities, but do need to look forward, then we're on the same team.

Because that's what I fix.

I turn foresight into concrete action plans for strategy, innovation, and employee engagement.

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Futurist Barbara's purpose is to:

futurist Barbara's value proposition

Turn Foresight Into Concrete Action Plans???

I won't deny that we must do the work: scanning, sense-making, and extrapolating.

But we will connect the work to current realities. Turn the conclusions into a strategic agenda and/or an innovation pipeline. And we will include a cross-functional team to help us.

We will have fun and quick success to showcase.

From day one, everyone involved will engage eagerly with the future performance of your organization. Yes, your organizational culture will open up to new insights and initiate new ideas as if it was the normalest thing.

But the best part is when I leave.

At that point, you will have the sources, the library, the charts, and the know-how to keep ahead. And it will only take quick and easy updates.

  • So, if you want your action-oriented, current-issue-minded, yet super-ambitious team to up their performance to the next level;
  • But don't want to:
    • Get all excited by futurist presentations to smack back to normal the very next minute without looking back;
    • Or take the futurist with you only to drown in seemingly irrelevant, wide-ranging, and repetitive discussions that lead to nothing;
  • And feel the need to look ahead and keep your competitive edge fresh and relevant:
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Your Organization in Safe Hands

Being in safe hands in foresight means you won't get predictions but develop the competency to reach your organization's goals in uncertain futures.

Competency = knowledge x practice

Why I am the one to help you build your foresight competency:

  • 20+ years of making sense of organizational futures in all industries and company sizes.
  • A Ph.D. in managerial blind spots from Delft University of Technology, one of the top universities in the world.
  • Certified in higher education by Harvard University, Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning.
  • A year-on-year average of 4 out of 5-star rating by students for interactivity, subject matter, and presentation since 2016.