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Strategic Decision Perfection is Here for You

Attention executives who are moving their organization forward, but want to make sure that they're going in the right direction:

Here are the tools you need to make sure you're seeing the right things right:

Top 20 Online Program

Top 20 Strategy Program

Online program to advance your top 20's strategic insight and decision-making skills.

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Decision Process Check

Decision Process Check

Private conversation to check the quality of a strategic decision before you make the decision final.

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Webinar strategic decision making

Keynote Decision-Making

Live or online, the keynote refreshes your skills and insights with worst-case decision examples and funny studies.

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So nice to meet you here.

I'm futurist Barbara...

After 20 years in the boardrooms of mid-sized organization, earning my Ph.D. in managerial foresight and generally being obsessed with "what's REALLY going on" since I could argue, my passion is working with peers to discover and reduce the myopia of their organizations.


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I find it rewarding to give executives the foresight tools to perfect strategic decisions because it sets entire organizations in motion.

Live long & prosper ;)


About Barbara

Strategic Decisions...

are like a powerful engine:

They propel a swift move forward, straight into long-term profitability.

Your brain needs ten seconds to make a decision. But the entire decision process, from sensing a change to that final choice, can take a month to a year

When your organization's environment is volatile, having a fast and accurate decision process is a crucial competitive advantage.

It only takes one decision to rev up your organization's process from OK to GREAT: the decision to use foresight as a decision guide.

No more struggling ending in a leap of faith that keeps you up at night. It's time to take the (t)error out of your decision process!

Intrigued? Let's talk!

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