No More Concerns:

"Is Hesitating on New Tech Holding Us Back?"


Use Technological Foresight to Fill the Blanks of Your Strategic Information

That moment when you see competitors starting to embrace new technology

—that’s when you harness its power instead of stressing about falling behind.

As a savvy executive, you’re on top of today’s and tomorrow’s tech.

Navigating emerging technologies isn’t simple.

Good thing you’re here now.

I’ll show you how to spot, analyze, and harness cutting-edge tech to stay ahead.

Then, you'll be unstoppable ;)

In 4 Hours to Insight

The Masterclass Strategic Foresight


There is no sitting back in this class.

You actively participate and practice so that when class is over, you know exactly where to find that foresight information.

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Testimonial Avil Beckford

Think Different

"A fresh take on things. You consider things differently after"

(Masterclass, May 2023)

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"Good interaction, food for thought, and stimulating"

(Masterclass, November 2021)

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Anticipating the Future of Early-Stage Technologies

As a Research Fellow specializing in technological foresight and innovation in early-stage computing technologies, I use foresight to bridge the gap between cutting-edge research and business strategy. My mission is to provide senior managers with the insights they need to anticipate, adapt, and thrive in an ever-changing digital landscape.