When You Want Help, Now.

Get: The Call

If only you could walk into my office and tell me about that niggling foresight question...

Well, now you can!

Do yourself a favor and get rid of uncertainty: book a consult call with me.

A good look from a fresh pair of eyes will help you organize your thoughts about the changes in your markets and check your logic at the same time.

Questions You May Have for the Call

You can use the call for clarification questions like:

  • How can I¬†differentiate between¬†noise and a long-term shift?
  • How do¬†I leverage foresight to drive innovation?
  • How can¬†I get my team involved in foresight?
  • How should we scan for foresight information?¬†

Or discuss niggles like:

  • The¬†doubts you have about the quality of foresight information that underpins a strategic decision.
  • The problems you have with¬†turning your vision¬†into a decision-making tool.
  • Which makes you¬†uncertain about the decisions you must take.

What You'll Achieve With the Call

You'll stop thinking in circles.

You'll know what you will need to make that decision, and where to get it.

Maybe you will find out what to decide.

But most importantly: you can move on and leave this issue behind you. Free your mind for the next challenge.

Not moving on has costs. Costs of missed opportunities, deteriorating employee morale, or risk exposure.

Souse me as the expert sounding board that I am and expose yourself to fresh insights.

I have 15+ years of consulting experience with executives and their foresight dilemmas.

I have a Ph.D. in executive blind spots during foresight.

I love a puzzle: I have strong analytical powers and the curiosity to want to understand your situation before I give advice.

And I never talk about my clients to anyone. Period.

How Does the Call Work?

  • You'll get my expert opinion in a 1.5-hour consult call.
  • You book a call through my online calendar.
  • If you want, you can share¬†your¬†foresight dilemma¬†when you book the call, so that I can prepare.
  • We see each other in Teams on the date and time of the call.
  • You pay afterward (within 14 days). A call is ‚ā¨ 375 excluding VAT.


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