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A tough but targeted online training that will deliver. Design your foresight process for a steady flow of foresight information, fit to click onto your decision-making process.

Oversight Happens More Often Than You'd Think (and Want)

Black swans, boiled frogs, grey rhinos, dragon kings, butterfly effects‚ÄĒyou know, all those things we did not see coming or discarded as irrelevant and not urgent. Oops.

Examples? Goodness, how many examples do you need? take a look:

Suffering From a Foresight Deficit

Is your organization stuck in the present and unable to prepare for the changes you see emerging? It likely suffers from a foresight deficit. The Training helps solve that.

You probably already discovered that your organization's foresight scanning and its assessments need more depth, but you don’t know how to fix this. Let's check if The Training is for you:

      • Does your organization prioritize¬†short-term gains and immediate results over long-term planning and sustainability?
      • Is¬†your organization's vision statement hidden in a drawer, ignored, outdated, or too vague to be a decision factor?
      • Are there problems with the collection, analysis, and use of data to inform decision-making?
      • Does your team resist change or the adoption of new technologies or strategies?
      • Does a strategic review take weeks, months maybe, without delivering new insights?

In short: is it high time to lengthen the organization's view to include longer horizons in its decisions?

More than one "Yes"?

Read on or go straight to the training's curriculum.

Training Curriculum
8 weeks

2-3 hours per week


Expert-facilitated webinars & self-paced online resources

‚ā¨ 1.495,- ex VAT

Including all training materials


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STARTS: Oct. 22, 2024

ENDS: Dec. 10, 2024

Fill out the form to reserve your seat. Make sure that you're in: the training has a maximum of 30 participants. So enroll now, and don't wait until it's full. 

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What You'll Learn
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 About This Training

Let's Get Together and Fix It

Scanning for trends and developments, interpreting them, and turning them into a course of action¬†has taken you a lot of time‚ÄĒperhaps even money. Would be nice to streamline the process and make its output robust, right?

Good news: developing a foresight monitor is easier than you think.

Let me explain: ūüĎáūüĎáūüĎá

The Training: Building Your Foresight Muscles 


During the training, we design your foresight process together. Step by step. I have only one objective: to get foresight information flowing into your organization and nourishing your decision process.

I'll be honest with you. The training isn't always fun.

Compare it to bootcamp: you know it's good for you, but fun is something else.


Why Do the Training Anyway?


Because every organization has the cost of strategic indecision and bad decisions. Yours too.

Even having had outside help is no guarantee for success (sorry).


  • Most trendwatchers are busy with current¬†trends, not future impacts.
  • Popular¬†futurists rely on¬†anecdotal evidence (n=1) and a lot of belief in their vision, but forget that they cannot predict (nobody can).
  • And the strategy consultants who do pay attention to future¬†impacts, don't know¬†what's relevant and urgent for¬†your specific niche.
After The Training, you do know where to get foresight information and what to do with it for better decisions.

In eight weeks:

  • You'll learn¬†how to think forward to gain insight into the strategic dilemmas now just beyond your grasp.
  • You'll¬†design your organization's process for a steady flow of searchable insights to update and apply when you need it.

At a Glance

  • Subject: Strategic Foresight
  • Level:¬†Proficient
  • Prerequisites:¬†Executive position, involved in strategy formation and strategic decision-making
  • Language:¬†English
  • Level:¬†Proficient
  • Associated skills: Decision-making, Scenario Planning, Leadership, People Management, Horizon Scanning

  What You'll Learn

  • How to design a foresight workflow
  • How to create an environment that drives innovation
  • Analyzing future opportunities to formulate strategy
  • Effective communication with stakeholders - the board, the team, the¬†business partners


  • The Training takes place twice a year: in October-November, and in February-March.
  • Each Training consists of 3 1.5-hour webinars, learn at your own pace, peer discussion groups, and direct access to me during office hours (once every two weeks).
  • After completion of The Training, you'll get a voucher for a free 1-hour consult for the questions that arise when you start implementing it. The voucher is valid for 6 months after training completion.
  • The minimum number of participants is 12, and the maximum is 30.

The Training Comes With:

‚úď With a Ready-Made¬†Strategy Room

The Training has a resource section filled to the brim with background materials, links to foresight sources, templates, and how-tos. Everything you need to hit the ground running.

‚ústAll¬†the Materials You Need

Every step we take together is done online, using tools like whiteboarding, voting, webinars, surveys and polls, and hot-seat coaching. The license fee for these tools is included for the duration of the program. So: if you have Teams, you're good to go.

‚ústA Certificate of Completion

Your certificate of completion is a concrete symbol of your new foresight expertise. It also gives you the right to one free one-hour consultation call to book within six months of completion. Use that hour to dot the i-s and cross the t-s!

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 About the Instructor

Barbara van Veen Ph.D.

Guest Lecturer of Strategic Foresight - Delft University of Technology & Nyenrode Business University

About Barbara
Hear it From the Expert

I have Ph.D. on managerial blind spots and can combine the insight with 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience in the real world.

I know where to look and what to look for.

Certified by the Best

In 2022, I got certified by Harvard's Bok Center for Higher Education with a 9.4 (out of 10) grade average.



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