Services to Help Busy Executives Getting Foresight Done

Desk Research

Do It For You

Get actionable conclusions about future customer profiles and demand, or the system of developments that will impact your organization.

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Top 50 Program

Do It With You

Blended program to boost leadership skills in the 50 best and most promising co-workers and have them deliver actionable strategic insights.

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Foresight Toolbox

Do It Yourself

Over 50 step-by-steps to help you scan, make sense, and act on foresight and turn yourself into a confident, innovative, and change-positive leader.

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Foresight Masterclass

On or offline, 60 minutes of interactive learning will get you started with foresight and practice multiple instruments to see what's next and what your organization can do about it.

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20+ Years in Foresight


Profit from my broad experience

My client list includes high-tech, manufacturing, finance, retail, and business services companies, governmental agencies, regional and local governments, and universities.

Brief me well and get value back

Your current expertise in your niche is my starting point. My expertise in bias and blind spot reduction, and in building future-forward, complex yet easy-to-communicate strategic contexts will challenge and supplement yours.