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Foresight Essentials


Unlock Your Leadership Competence with Foresight Essentials!

Transform Your Leadership and Shape the Future – Effortlessly!

Imagine enhancing your leadership skills, sharpening your strategic thinking, and guiding your organization toward a brighter future—all with minimal effort and investment.

Well, now you can!

With Foresight Essentials, the go-to repository of bite-sized key insights for forward-thinking executives, you have everything you need to take the next step in your leadership journey.

I've taken the best of 14 great books on strategic foresight and turned them into easy-to-digest bites that will help you in your daily management practice.


🌟 Practical, Engaging, and Accessible

For just € 1 per book, you get its key insights, practical tips to make the insights your own, and worksheets for easy sharing with your team.

You can listen to (or read) the book summary. So, even on the go, you can still absorb some big ideas.

And if a summary resonates with you, there are links to other books that build on its insights. In other words, each book is a fundamental stepping stone to even deeper insights.

I've included author videos so that you get a sense of the vision they had when they wrote the book. Hearing the author always gives a book a little extra oomph, I find.

You'll also get my take on the book, how I use it in my foresight practice, and what that has brought me. 

Books don't get more practical or real-world-advantage than that.

🚀 Some Benefits:

  • Enhanced Strategic Thinking
  • Improved Decision Making (Especially Under Uncertainty)
  • Increased Awareness of Future Trends
  • Balanced Perspectives on the Future
  • Practical Applications for Team Sharing
  • Understanding of Foresight Methods


✨ Your Opportunity Awaits:

Don't miss this chance to gain a competitive edge and become the leader you've always aspired to be.

Foresight Essentials is more than just a repository; it's your training partner in shaping a successful future.

Foresight Essentials is designed to enrich your leadership journey with valuable insights and knowledge. The book bites serve as an excellent resource for learning and growth. They complement rather than replace your own common sense and expertise.

Act Now!

Embrace the power of strategic foresight and propel your leadership journey to new heights with Foresight Essentials!