Foresight Research

Get actionable conclusions about future customer profiles and demand, or the system of developments that will impact your organization.

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Barbara is one of the few futurists worldwide who has earned a Ph.D. on managerial blind spots and has 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience in the real world.

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Fast, In-Depth, and Goal Oriented

Clients consistently praise Barbara for her fast, in-depth, and goal-oriented analysis. She always delivers on time and exceeds expectations, providing insights that are not only relevant but also highly actionable.


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Good & Free Sources

Barbara will find the latest insights from sources like academic journals and papers, reports of financial, governmental, and research institutions, and the latest news clippings.

Two Recent Examples

Barbara's recent foresight research work for two clients has been particularly impressive. She provided them with an overview of the complexities and uncertainties and linked them to strategic implications and recommendations.

Quantum Encryption

For Delft University of Technology, Barbara researched the complex future of quantum encryption in case of a quantum hack.

She looked into over 14 factors influencing the development of encryption and how these factors were likely to play out in different scenarios. She combined the information with a scan of current use cases of possible solutions to a quantum hack.


Future City Dwellers

For Heijmans, Barbara researched which people could and would like to live in a new city in the Netherlands, considering demographic trends and the region's future outlook regarding employment, types of work, migration, and social cohesion.

Instead of the usual information on current inhabitants, Heijmans can now develop the project in line with future needs and minimize the risk of building for the previous generation.


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