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Courses on managing uncertainty, strategic scanning, sensemaking and productive conflict, and networking for goal realization.

Use it to build out the 21st-century competencies strategic awareness, context awareness, team-oriented leadership, and organizational sensitivity.

Practice skills like problem scoping, information management, context mapping, conflict resolution, qualified evaluation, probabilistic reasoning, and networking.

And tweak each stage of strategic decision-making to become a faster, more confident, and accurate decision-maker in one go.

  • Module 1: Match decision strategies to the change rate in your organizational environment
  • Module 2: See the right developments
  • Module 3: See the right developments right
  • Module 4: Choose the best decision option
  • Module 5: Realize your goals
  • Bonus #1: The Litte dictionary of decision-making errors
  • Bonus #2: Access to a community of your peers to help each other learn
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Managers who suffer from time pressure, information overwhelm, inadequate support, or risk and change anxiety now confidently make tough strategic decisions while thinking on their feet.

5 Modules - 51 step-by-step tweaks

Get a detailed look at what you're going to get done:

It's time to acquire the skills to become the confident, strategic decision-maker you need to be to help your organization thrive, even when the future is uncertain and downturns are looming.

Module 1 - Match Decision Strategies to External Change

Module 1 - Match Decision Strategies to External Change

  • Strive for the best instead of the right decision
  • Make clarity your superpower
  • Identify missing facts on change
  • Assess uncertainty
  • Match uncertainty with the appropriate decision strategies
  • Correct for uncertainty distortion
Module 2 Seeing the Right Things

Module 2 - Seeing the Right Things Happening

  • Find your scanning strengths
  • Practice scanning 2.0
  • Find organizational blind spots
  • Google to fill blind spots
  • Easy ways to clip and store search results
  • Take finding into the future
  • A quick way to get a bird's eye view
  • Turn findings into opportunities

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Module 3 - See the Right Things Right

  • Escape the framing of your expertise and fix common decision biases
  • Check for bias in team discussions
  • Team training to improve the accuracy of predictions
  • Assemble a foresight team like Abraham Lincoln's cabinet of critics
  • Focus on unique instead of shared insights
  • Organize foresight: when, how, and how much
  • Deal with the disinterested, the anxious, the stubborn, the confused, and the negative
  • Facilitate productive conflict
  • Establish a war room

Module 4 - Choosing the Best Option

  • Develop multiple valid decision options to find the best one
  • Increase the longevity of decisions
  • Check proposals for common decision-making biases and have them fixed
  • Test new ideas before scaling up to full implementation
  • When to review decisions and how
  • How to communicate decisions over time and across functional layers and levels
  • Develop future customer profiles to find emerging needs
  • Turn learnings into new habits to speed up high quality decision-making

Plus Handy Bonuses

Get your own Ph.D. level expert on boardroom decision-making included

Module 5 - Network to Get Things Done

  • Engage HR (HR has a special role)
  • Connect peers and higher levels to your work
  • When and how to involve experts, customers, and suppliers
  • How to involve kids, teenagers, students, and high potentials
  • Integrate pearls of wisdom instead of influencing or converting others

Bonus #1 - The Little Dictionary of Biases and Fixes

  • Avoid common decision-making errors - Flipping through the dictionary is the quickest way to making better decisions.
  • Everything is covered -Biases, their fixes, and how to test for them, all together in a comprehensive post, including the empirical studies should you need them.

Bonus #2 - Peer Group

Bonus #3 - Get My Personal Feedback

  • Ask me any questions about foresight and strategic decision-making- I am here to help you succeed.
  • Make the most of my 20+ years of experience with boardroom decision-making in any industry.
  • Get process feedback from me on any decision you're currently making.

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I'm here to support you every step of the way so you can finally crack the intricacies of strategic decision-making and become a confident solution finder in any decision-making issue.

I'm happy to invite you to join me and hundreds of like-minded managers already in the decision-tuning business if you feel that it's right for you.


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All for € 394

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