Decision Check

Make sure that it's the right decision

Are you in the middle of strategic decision-making and haven't found decisive evidence yet? Don't worry, you're supposed to have doubts when the stakes are high.

Doubts trigger you to check your information and assumptions again and to proceed with caution.

And they also got you here, where you can get expert help with checking.


Are You in the Middle of Strategic Decision-Making and:

  • Holding off the decision hoping that tomorrow will bring clarity? But of course, it doesn't. Tomorrow, you'll be just as unsure only now the decision is more urgent.
  • Angry with yourself because you're afraid of making the wrong decision but also of being seen as inadequate instead of the leader you are?

I know the feeling! I think every decision-maker can recall a decision that was particularly tough to get a grip on.

Fortunately, there is a way to check the accuracy of your decision-making. We can make sure that you did everything you could to arrive at an accurate decision. Or the most accurate possible in the situation.

Let me explain: 👇👇👇



The D.E.C.I.D.E. System lets you check each step of the decision process

Get a detailed look at what you're going to get checked:

Discover omissions

1. Discovery Check

Check the quality of the information underpinning your decision as the first step to higher accuracy.

Error Check

2. Error Check

Recognize and fix personal and group-level biases for higher accuracy.

Critique Logic

3. Coherence Check

Check the implicit logic in decision deliberation to increase commitment and engagement.

Discover omissions

4. Idea Check

Check the viability and goal contribution of the decision and its alternatives (that should be there).

Error Check

5. Decision Check

Check the choice between alternatives by comparing the value they bring and the trade-off you'd make.

Critique Logic

6. Ethics Check

Check the ethical power of your decisions and their longevity.

Futurist Barbara

You don't have to do this alone anymore...

I'm here with my 20+ years of experience and a Ph.D. to help you check your decision-making and get the confidence you want. Mind you, this can also mean that you'll want to take or redo some process steps.

I'm happy to invite you to book a video call with me (Zoom or Teams) to find out if your process was on point!

Let's meet,


If all this check did for you was...

  1. Bring you peace of mind because you did not leave a stone unturned... would this be worth it?
  2. Show your decision process's strengths and weaknesses so you know when to take extra care in all future decisions... would this be worth it?
  3. Gave you the questions you need to ask when you're facing new critical decisions... would this be worth it?

Yes. Of course, it would.


100% money back guarantee


And because I am so sure that the D.E.C.I.D.E. system will deliver, I am going to guarantee your success.

I won't leave you when you're worried. 

So when you don't achieve the decision confidence you want, I'll give you your money back (100%) AND another 60-minutes Zoom coaching session to drill down what's wrong and find another way to fix it.

Book a Decision Check

60-Minute Zoom for € 190,-

(Excluding 21% V.A.T.) 


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